“The Power Braining Class was a godsend for me when I was wait-listed for cognitive therapy. I was in an accident and it got so bad that my husband suggested I write a will. Hopeless, this braining class helped me see that part of me was getting better in my post hospitalization.

The Power Braining Class helps me in so many ways. I had lost coordination in my left hand, and the circular clap and left hip tap aided that. The trackable exercises reinforced that I was improving my brain… I can track my concentration level now. Memorizing number sequences was part of my old job so I was very pleased that that is included. And, the timing training is especially helpful -- I feel noticeably soothed when I do this. Also, I had been so exhausted, Power Braining was one of the few things I could do because of the modifications provided.

This is even better than hospital therapy because seeing others be able to do the challenges and improve at the activities is super motivating and creates natural goals and prevents discouragement as we all get worse scores on harder days in tandem.

The Power Braining class was the only thing I had to look forward to for quite a while -- it is so much fun!"


"I do Power Braining classes 3 days a week, and I feel the benefits with every-day activities, especially with my driving."


"I love class and can't get enough of it. I've noticed marked improvements in many cognitive areas. I was surprised and excited that it gave me such a solid cardiovascular workout, as well as cognitive training."


"I really enjoy the challenges of the reaction training portion of the classes. It gets my competitive juices flowing. I really love being challenged both physically and mentally at the same time!"

"I can't say enough about Power Braining. I've seen real benefits from all aspects of the class. I even use the special breathing techniques in my daily life, to ensure I'm getting proper oxygen to my brain. I need this class. I feel the benefits after each session."


"I really enjoy the class. It has prompted me to be more proactive in my life. I now actively research the brain, to learn as much as I can about improving my brain health. I know that taking care of my brain requires a holistic approach and, for me, Power Braining is a crucial piece in that puzzle."


"I love the Power Braining class. I think everyone should do it. I actually feel myself improving both cognitively and physically!"