Total Wellness at Home!

Research shows that healthier, happier, less-stressed employees exhibit higher levels of morale, productivity and job satisfaction, as well as increased longevity in their positions. This translates to lower turnover, faster achievement of organizational goals, and higher levels of corporate success.

But, now more than ever, the wellness of an employee’s family is just as important. A healthier, happier family = a more productive and thankful employee. Corporate wellness programs must address the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of their employees and their families.

At The BRAINing™ Center, we work with organizations of all sizes, helping employees, and their families, lead healthier, happier lives. This low or no-cost benefit can be quickly and easily added to any organization's existing benefits plan.

Our cutting-edge POWER BRAINing™ programs take a comprehensive, body-brain approach to create positive and lasting changes in all facets of health: physical, mental, and emotional.  Leveraging the latest advancements in applied neuroplasticity, these programs combine specific Physical, Cognitive, Multi-sensory, Breathing, and Mindfulness challenges.  

With the Corporate Family Wellness Plan your employees have full access to a wide range of POWER BRAINing™ programs, so the whole family benefits.  Including hundreds of classes, these Programs are specifically designed to assist with issues such as Decision Making and Executive Function, Family Stress Management, Physical Performance and Cardio, Caregiver Wellness, and Dementia Care. Classes are available online, so you can train at home, anywhere, anytime!

Need a quick brain-body boost to recharge your battery in the middle of a hard workday? Take a twelve-minute ViVE class. Or maybe your elderly parent wants to feel more stable on their feet to reduce the risk of a slip-and-fall. They can do the THRIVE 35 classes. Or, perhaps you and the kids want to push yourselves… to be able to think faster and move better. Jump into the MAX 35 classes.

These FUN, easy-to-follow classes are delivered from the cloud onto your computer, smart device or smart TV. So, the training is always precise and consistent.  Engaging video coaches provide full instructions... demonstrating modifications for various levels of ability.

Our dynamic platform allows our team of experts to update the content seamlessly, based on the latest scientific discoveries. So, you know you’re always getting the most advanced training available.

Setting you up with a Corporate Family Wellness Plan is fast and easy. In most cases we can have you up and running the same day. 

Call us today to find out how your employees, and their families, can start to immediately enjoy the benefits of a Better Brain, Better Body, and Calmer Mind at little to no cost to your organization.

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