Charity Fund Raising

Raising funds to support your worthy cause is harder than ever.  People are financially and emotionally stressed, and you can’t hold public fundraising events due to the Covid lockdown.   

We can help! 

POWER BRAINing is an online, subscription-based fitness program which trains your brain and body at the same time.  These dynamic classes help reduce stress while enhancing mental processing and physical performance.  Trusted by hospital centers, municipalities, organizations, clinics, gyms, professional trainers and senior living communities, POWER BRAINing is now available for home training.  There are hundreds of fun, easy-to-follow classes for all ages, abilities and needs.  

With The BRAINing Center’s “Share The Wellness Program, qualified organizations simply offer their supporters discounted subscriptions to this powerful training... and the organization retains a majority of proceeds from all sales – on an ongoing basis.  Because we use a sharable Discount Code, your supporters can easily share this opportunity with their friends, allowing your fundraising campaign to grow organically... and go viral.   

It’s that simple.  You generate vital recurring funds, while providing cutting-edge, brain-body wellness to your supporters.  

Summary of Benefits: 

  • Generate substantial, recurring revenue 
  • Organic growth 
  • Fast & easy setup (w/in 24 hours) 
  • Minimal/no ongoing management 
  • Provide vital wellness service to your supporters

For more information call or email today at 888-616-3730 or