Affiliate Program

The BRAINing™ Center's Affiliate Program allows companies, charities, organizations and influencers to generate recurring revenue, while providing cutting-edge, brain-body wellness programs to their members, customers and followers.

The program is risk-free and easy to set up.  We provide you with a special Discount Code, which grants the user of the code a significant discount on POWER BRAINing™ subscriptions.  You simply promote POWER BRAINing™ to your followers, and receive regular payments for everyone that purchases a subscription. 

It's that simple.  Your followers get a great deal on the most comprehensive brain-body training program available, and you receive regular royalty payments on an on-going basis.  

Setting you up on the Affiliate Program is fast and easy.  In most cases we can have you up and running within 24 hours!

Contact us today to learn how you generate recurring revenue, while helping others improve their emotional well-being, physical performance, and mental processing.

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